Disposable Blades for Coreray Video Laryngoscope


Disposable Video Laryngoscope Blades for use with the Coreray 3-inch and 4.5-inch Video Laryngoscopes, sold in boxes of 20.

Average delevery time is 7-15 Business days. Free Shipping: Full Tracking for every order

Precise Intubation for Every Patient

  Our video laryngoscope comes equipped with a full array of single-use blades, ready to adapt seamlessly to patients of all sizes and ages. From the smallest neonates to adults, the versatility of these blades ensures every intubation is performed with confidence and precision.

Mil and Mac Holder

Sterilized by low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma(HPGP)or Glutaraldehyde immersion

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