Malaysia Airway Management Seminar

Recently, an airway management seminar organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Health was held in Terengganu, featuring the participation of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin Hospital and Hospital Pengajar Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin. Coreray Medical was invited to showcase our new CR-32 wireless airway management workstation, providing a comprehensive solution at the seminar. Over the course of three days, anesthesiologists from across the country received demonstrations and hands-on experience with the CR-32 platform, praising its outstanding performance and user-friendly operation. They unanimously acknowledged the importance of such advanced technology in driving the advancement of airway management in Malaysia. 

Malaysia Airway Management Seminar 2

Professor Fahmi, a renowned anesthesiologist in Malaysia, personally operated the machine for local media interviews, demonstrating how the CR-32 airway management workstation facilitates safe and efficient anesthesia intubation. 

Exhibition_of_Coreray_video_laryngoscope 6

Coreray Medical is committed to continuous improvement, delivering new products, technologies, and solutions to contribute to the overall enhancement of global airway management standards.

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